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EVgo Autocharge+ Makes Fast Charging Easier (and It Works with Tesla)

EVgo knows the public fast-charging experience can be frustrating and arcane and is working to make improvements.

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Mar 3, 2023

The same can't be said for non-Tesla charging networks. Drivers must sometimes worry—as EVs have their charging ports placed in various, nonstandard locations—whether the cable can reach. Then they must deal with a payment system or phone app to initialize a charging session. Then, hopefully, the fast charger works as intended. We're not saying you will have a problem every single time, but the fail rate—and therefore frustration—is high enough to be a common complaint among EV drivers. Understandably, non-Tesla charging networks have to work with multiple models from multiple manufacturers instead of just one, but that's not a strong excuse for poor implementation. To fix that, EVgo has improved and expanded its Autocharge+ feature for its fast-charging network.

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