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Power up With kWh and Time of Use (TOU) Pricing

With kWh pricing, charging costs are based on the amount of energy your EV consumes, not the amount of time you spend at the charger. In addition to charging by kWh, TOU pricing means that costs vary based on when you use energy.

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What Will This Mean For Me?

By transitioning to TOU pricing, EVgo hopes to encourage energy conservation during On-Peak Hours (when electricity demand is higher), and encourage drivers who charge during On-Peak Hours to plug in during Off-Peak and Early Bird hours when there is less demand.

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How Time of Use Pricing Works

Electricity costs vary throughout the day based on demand and energy usage. EVgo’s charging network also experiences different levels of congestion throughout the day and week. To provide transparent and fair pricing, all customers in California pay for their charging per Time of Use, or TOU pricing instead of paying per minute. This means lower prices for charging during Early Bird Hours (12am-8am) and Off-Peak Hours (8am-4pm and 9pm-12am), and higher prices during On-Peak Hours (4pm-9pm).

$Early Bird







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EVgo PlusMax

6x+ a month charging

Save up to30%per month*

  • $12.99/month
  • No session fees
  • Free charger reservations

Most popular

EVgo Plus™

3-5x a month charging

Save up to20%per month*

  • $6.99/month
  • No session fees
  • Free charger reservations

EVgo Basic

1-2x a month charging

Save up to8%per month*

  • $0.99/month
  • No session fees
  • $3 reservation fees

Pay As You Go

Occasional charging

Save up to0%per month*

  • $0/month
  • $0.99 session fees
  • $3 reservation fees

*Pricing is determined by your plan, location, and time of use. Station specific pricing is available within the EVgo app after selecting a station.

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