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North American Charging Standard (NACS) - Charge Talk Ep #1

Jun 29, 2023

Episode 1: North American Charging Standard (NACS) It’s official! EVgo will be adding North America Charging Standard (NACS) connectors to its fast-charging network across the country. We’ve always been electric for all. Watch and see what we’re doing to create a solution for all. EVgo Charge Talk: Where EVgo's leadership team comes face to face with your tweets, DMs, and burning EV charging questions.

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Charge Talk Ep 2

Why Can't I Start a Charge? 3 Easy Steps to Charge Your Electric Vehicle!

You’re not alone if you have questions or need help on how to start a charge. Learn about most common questions and see how to initiate a charge on EVgo public network.

Charge Talk Ep 3

The Future of CCS and NACS on the EVgo Network

EVgo's CEO and COO discuss the future of CCS and our plans to deploy NACS chargers on the EVgo network across the country.

Charge Talk Ep 4

How to Pay for EV Charging and Autocharge+

Credit card readers can be finicky. Learn about how to initiate a charge through Evgo app, RFID cards and AutoCharge+ as additional options. With AutoCharge+ , just plug-in and charge, with no extra steps needed! .